Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gouache Dog Art Painting

These are gouache paintings i did refining my technique and style for a project i am working on. As I have relized from peoples reactions to my dog art, style is not as impactful as the emotional connection with the dog. People really seem to respond to the bulldog top right (although I feel the Bull Terrier on the bottom is the strongest painting), because of his strong emotion. So....this is certainly something I will really focus on in further developement of this project, because the whole point is to connect with dog owners.
Next I will try my hand at longer hair breeds like the German SHepard.


Johnny Castuciano said...

Hey Jesse Man!

Good job on these! I do have an idea though, I liked the one on the bottom with the little guy with the ball because I find him more interesting because he is actually interacting with something. If you were going to so a calendar or something, maybe think about have a theme with each illustration, y'know like christmas...halloween, u get the picture...but with DOGS! I say take advantage of your medium, and have these dogs do funny-ridicoulous things instead of just dogs posing like what someone else can do with a simple camera. Anyways keep on keeping on

winchester said...

ive got a theme lined up. owners spoiling thier dogs.

more preproduction concepts to come before I start the final images....

thanks johnny

Dave said...

These are really nice, Jester! I like them all but the top right for me is the home run :)