Friday, May 29, 2009

plein air watercolor

I work at Nitrogen Studios Canada as a production designer. A few blocks away is a wonderful park on the Pacific Ocean. Theres lots to paint. I do however have to hide from inquisitive yuppies with annoying questions. Children ask smarter question like, "Do you like to paint?". Conversations with yuppies are more like, "What are you making?" "A painting." "Why?" Seems sitting in a cubicle erodes your brain as well as your soul.

Anyways, guess I should stop before I offend too many. Heres the painting I did.

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Chris said...

Lovely painting! I can relate to your experiences with plein air. I find that I get so focused on my work in the studio that sometimes being outdoors can be so distracting. I want to try plein air again, but someplace with no curious onlookers. ;)