Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tofino British Columbia Water Colour Color Plein Air

I recently spent 6 days hangin in Tofino BC with my wife and brother-in-law. Good times indeed. Lots of surfin, swimmin, hiking, eating and yes even some drinking. We went on a whale tour and saw grey and humpback whales. Incredible!

Heres a plein air watercolour I did on the beach. Between drinking scotch and painting this I didnt notice the tide come in and I got stuck on a rocky cliff thingy. Got back safely with my legs banged up enough to prove I was havin some good fun.

This is the largest watercolour Ive done yet. The original image is 12x19 inches.


Dave said...

That's dedication! Haha!

This looks beautiful, man and the posts below are sure nice too! I'll try to head down and check out the show! Glad you had a good time in Tofino!

Gregory Becker said...

You have some good things going on. I like your characters.

Evan Bonifacio said...

Sweet paintings Jesse!! Especially to read read your just starting water colors. Dang!

Good call on Bobby's course. Im definitely gona have to find the time (an money) to get that done. Although I would have to time it with a lull in production.

That cool u sat beside Perry! (he was my tutor in 3rd year.)

Lol k well sorry bout the essay on ur comments section. Looking forward to seeing more of your works dude!