Monday, November 16, 2009

digital speed painting

1 hr 20 Photoshop

Its been half a year since Ive done digital painting in my spare time, as Ive been concentrating on watercolour. BOY its soooo much more forgiving! Good fun.


Dave said...

It sure is!
Nice painting, Jesse!

Boris Andreev said...

I love this one! Hey, right on Jesse!!! HaHa :o)
That's very true. I caught myself trying to hit Ctrl+Z while painting a water color... And then -- Oh, shoot!..
This is (one of the reasons) why I did those "Good Moooorning!" sketches digitally in Painter, because I could hit Ctrl+Z SO many times. And after playing around with a sketch within, well, one or two hours I could get some cool line work.
I did it a lot in my life, but it still scares shit out of me -- doing an analog real brush or pencil drawing on paper. To get that line quality in one sketch I would have to draw 10-20... or 50 sketches... Also, a white and a clean piece of paper looks beautiful itself, I get a hard time to start drawing my art-shit on it! :)
But, I wanna get back to real drawing. Are you up for another plain-air painting this Saturday maybe?