Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Skytrain girl sketch

I remember being on a subway in Toronto sketching with Bob Chiu. I took a moment to watch him finesse some beautiful line work with a ballpoint pen. We were bumping around, swaying, vibrating with the stop and go movements of the train, yet his line work remained elegant. I inquired as to how he did this and he looked at me with his eternal intensity and said, "Jesse, its all about the gyroscope man." He demonstrated with exaggeration his body moving around wildly while his hand holding his sketchbook hovered in a still manor.

Years later I have yet to master the "gyroscope", so I hold my pencil like Peter DeSeve, on its side, and try to embrace the jumpy line work.

Anyways, heres a quick doodle from this mornings commute to the studio, with a quick photoshoping for some colour.



Bobby Chiu said...

haha... did I say that? lol. good times Jesse

Milio said...

Great! You´ve got the line man! Ha,ha...pretty drawing...like all that you do.Cheers Jesse