Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Doggies in Gouache

I have returned to my all time favorite painting medium, gouache. Oh how fun it is! After a 6 month stint on watercolor, which I certainly will not abandon, being able to paint light over dark is sooooo nice. Being able to paint OVER anything is nice actually. I love that gouache can be applied opaquely or transparently. 

Unfortunately, I can never get a scan to look as good as the original. But, whatev....you get the idea.



Evan Bonifacio said...

HAHA! Love both of these! the bottom one especially hits home. Just got a new puppy :)

jesse winchester said...

Hey thanks Evan.
I really hope my love for dogs shines through these and connects with fellow alphas.


Milio said...

Nice puppies Jesse(well,the first one is like White Fang,a brave wolf...amazing)Don´t stop with your works!Cheers!

Kei Acedera said...

That's what i love about gouache too, its a very versatile medium. These are great, I especially like the bottom one, very cute!

Anonymous said...
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jesse winchester said...

Thanks! I dont plan on slowing down any time soon, if fact all plans are to increase production. ;)

Well being that you are the expert on "cute", I find that very flattering.

thanks guys
hope all is well and you are enjoying winter!

Boris Andreev said...

Nice doggies, Jesse!


Anonymous said...

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Milio said...

Hey, Jesse! I hope you´ll have a very happy New Year, full of snow and sweet moments! Best wishes for you and all the people in Canada

Joe Bluhm said...

These are fun. I love dogs, and the personality you are catching is right-on.