Monday, February 8, 2010

Indian man watercolour

Busy busy busy....Aside from designing the new Thomas the Tankengine 3D films during the day, I am creating an animated title and credit sequence for a feature film at night and weekends. Oh and being a husband. So theres my excuses, heres the art. Watercolour 9x12 inches on arches 140lb. 
No photoshoping and no white paint (not that im a traditionalist) ;)


Milio said...

How nice to see one of your posts dear Jesse! Well, the truth is that your excuses are more than logical. I'm glad that someone with your talent is full of work and projects linked to the most beautiful thing: art. Hugs!

Grigory Lozinsky said...

Remarkable water colour!!!

jesse winchester said...

Milio, thanks! Hope all is well in Argentina dude!

Grigory...ummmm WOW....your a BIG inspiration.