Friday, April 23, 2010

watercolour illustration, and plein aire

I submitted the top image here to Imaginism Studio's latest art contest, coinciding with an Alberto Ruiz interview. The topic Alberto chose was "girl collage", and I couldnt help but tackle it in watercolour. There were some really great entries, and more then anything its awesome to see a community centered around being excited about art. I was a runner up with the most user votes and I won a free book from Alberto's Brand Studios!
Check out the Sketchaholic site here
and Brand Studios here for some great art books
The second image I painted plein air on my lunch hour. This is of my buddy Kevin Phibbs, a very talented and cool artist sketching away in Strathcona Community Gardens, Vancouver BC.


Cristina Ynzenga said...

Really amazing watercolors you have in here.
I love how fresh and colorful are they.

Boris Andreev said...

Good stuff, my man!

jesse winchester said...

thank you. I really love watercolour as unforgiving as it can be. I just love watching the pigment spread!

Thanks buddy. I think about you all the time, especially when I paint. A little Boris in my head says, "ITS NOT GREY!"