Tuesday, May 18, 2010

people sketching - a near tragedy

Recently I found a gem. I little patio on the notorious corner of Hastings and Main street, downtown Vancouver. Hippies, tourists, yuppies, junkies, and even a transvestite (page 2). But seriously the diversity of race, age and action was fucking fantastic. Why the past tense? Well, I brought my good buddy Kevin with me last Friday. A few bad ass drug dealers decided we were police trying to draw them and sounded some sort of ghetto alarm which instantly exploded the corner into panicky chaos. Long story short Kevin and I almost got stabbed trying to get out of there. Bummer. The end of a good thing.  Here's some of the sketches....I started in pencil and quickly moved to super fun brush marker.
Glad to be alive...


Boris Andreev said...

:D Jeez....
Dude, sounds like a very creative way how to make a Friday night adventurous enough... for two cops pretending that they are artists.
This is sick :))))
Glad you're doing good :o)

Dave said...

Nice drawings, dude! Man, you have more crazy stories than anyone I've ever met...

GhettoFab said...

hahah now thats love!! I dont think I could ever go extreme drawing

I love it just not enough to put myself in harms way hahahah

These are brilliant! I would love to capture personality half as nicely as this. Lots of confidence in your lines

Your work is amazing Jesse. Keep on keepin on

Laura Braga said...

Hi Jesse,
first time in your blog and great works, i like your linee and expressions in these two pictures!
My best compliments and see U Soon.

Grigory Lozinsky said...

Hi, Jesse!
Very expressive sketches!!!

Scaloso said...

Friday Extreme!! but it was worth it ..... the sketches are very beautiful !!!!!!

Munchanka said...

Nice studies. Nothing beats a good day of gesture drawing.

jesse winchester said...

Boris-Yah man close call! See you this friday?

Dave-THanks man...Yeah I dont know Ive got some sort of energy that attracts shenanigans.

Mel-Ive found a safer spot now! Thanks man!

Laura-Thank you so much! I really like your work! Your latest image of the space invaders girl is really thought provoking and looks great!

Grigory-OMG OMG Its Grigory Lozinsky! hehhe....WOW...THANKS Grigory!

Scaloso-Yeah, a bit tooo extreme. But it was really fun!

Austin-I agree. I checked out your site and I LOOOOOVE your ghost meets squirrel animation.


Bas Waijers said...

I love these, great stuff. Cool story also. Cool concept for a comic book. Drawing super heroes!