Monday, May 3, 2010

watercolour character concept design

Hey everyone!
Heres my latest. If anyone feels like telling me which is their favorite and what they do/dont like Id really appreciate it.

Arches cold press 9x12 inches


Boris Andreev said...

My favorite is the top one, Jesse :)
Nice colors, man.

Cristina Ynzenga said...

Awesome work!

As Boris, I like a lot the first one. I think because the expression he has on his face.

I also like the second one. Good expression in this character as well, nice colors and strong feeling of sadness!

Sigmund said...

Thanks, Jesse. I'm surprised you even found it. I've kept it buried for a few years now. How did you find it?

Damn, son! I leave you a few moments and you're the watercolor expert?!

jesse winchester said...

Boris- Thanks buddy. Good to know. And thank you for the entertainment friday night as well. Loved the story of painting murals in a secret Russian army base.

Cristina- Oh Im glad you like them. Its great hearing which ones connect with people. Appeal can be an elusive concept at times.

Sigmund, er Firas, er....whomever...Glad I found you man. Im gonna get rich and hire you to make the Crazy Carlitos feature film!

Lubomir said...

Hey Jesse, nice work, I especially like the horseman with the falcon.

These boys are cool! One thing that I notice is that on some of them the pupils seem to be looking in slightly different directions which makes them seem lost/confused to me..or maybe that's the point.


JUYON PARK said...

This is Juyon, your old classmate! :)
I'm so glad you left me a comment, I got chance to see awsome paintings of yours! especially, i like your watercolour lifedrawings!Now i can come and visit your blog, yaey! It's really great to hear from you.
You've been in Vancouver for how long? How's the last 5 years been?

Scaloso said...

WOW ...great watercolor, amazing!!!! bravissimo !!!

jesse winchester said...

Thank you for the encouragement everyone.

All of this watercolour painting is leading up to some bigger projects. I am working on a technique of combining cg animation with frame by frame watercolour painting. Its rather time consuming but I am excited with the prospects, and look forward to sharing soon.


Grayhouse said...

I've show some love for the lower right. Everyone loves a googly eyed fat kid. Good work man!