Monday, June 7, 2010

The flooded picnic table - Watercolour

One of my favorite places is Buntzen Lake, B.C. Not only is it geographically beautiful, there is an awesome dog park right on the water. My wife and I are easily entertained, bringing our little fur ball there to play with the many other dogs. Right now the lake has been flooded by the hydro plant. On Saturday, I saw this young kid, maybe 12 or 13 years old, climbing around on this partially submerged picnic table. The uninhibited display of calm yet playful interaction struck me. I was able to get down a quick pencil sketch, which I took home and used to create my latest watercolour painting. Good times.

9x12 image Fabrianno 140lb


wren said...

Really stunning painting -
The quality of light is just superb! I can't believe you captured all that with your quick sketch. The water is also excellent - I can't ever keep it simple with water - I get too complicated and muddy it up.

Thanks again for the comments on my blog and I can't wait to see elements of that film project you are doing.


Deanna Marsigliese said...

hey there! i didn't realize who you were at first because of "Winchester"! wonderful work here! i really love the life drawings- they're fantastic!

Bas Waijers said...

Hi Jess, do you know about this website:

You may like it! Good stuff.

Boris Andreev said...

Yeah... you're gettin' there Man!
Very cool! :o)

DSM said...

Wow...nice light.

Grigory Lozinsky said...

Remarkable water colors!!!