Sunday, October 24, 2010

"POWER to the people!!!" quick sketch

"POWER to the people!!!" quick sketch
carpenter's pencil + quick digital tone


Laura Braga said...

I Love your art Jesse!
My best compliments for your works!
Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

joto said...

Hey Jesse! Its been awhile. Looks like life is treating you very well. Wish I was back out West miss it soo much. Expecting a new little one next week so exciting times ahead for us!!!

Really liking the paintings you have been doing and always love the sketches. Have a Happy Halloween and take care!

Milio said...

Hey, my friend, here again after a while. Very natural and spontaneous sketch.You´re a great artist, really.Enjoy!

Lubomir said...

Hey Jesse, really nice drawing man!
I also like ODB, he knew some things for sure....
Hey, here are two documentaries that may interest you if you haven't seen them already...made piece some things together:


Best wishes,