Wednesday, February 9, 2011

OG Hindu Kush Album Cover

Just finished the artwork for OG Hindu Kush's debut album "In 3D". This is the cover featuring the two emcees, Richard Branson, Johnny & Luther Htoo, and of course Chairy. Inside the album, you can find a stereoscopic version of this illustration (3D glasses included!) thanks to the talent at Sexy Legs VFX.

The album, featuring I-Blast, The Narcicyst and Royce Da 5’9 drops Febuary 16 and will be available for download at

Track down the boys in Montreal or in the UK on thier upcoming tour to get your hands on the hard copy.


wren said...

Great album cover Jesse. You totally got the larger than life, megaplex screen feel with this piece. You also stayed true to the spirit that you caught with those warm-up sketches you posted a while back. Most excellent.

Laura Braga said...

Hi Jesse,
this artwork for album is really cool!!
Great bright colors and amazing composition of the figures!
Great great work Jesse!! :)
My best compliments as always and good work!