Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Flight Distance - Bad Information

Here is the album cover I did for the extremely awesome group Flight Distance out of Ottawa, Canada. They are making some of the most intelligent, creative hip hop on the planet. Listen to the album for free, and then buy it for $10 at


wren said...

Nice piece Jesse, it would be fun to get a few notes on the project - I'm guessing its a cd case design. Once again, your color pallet is wicked - some amazing contrasts and compositions. It looks like it was fun to do - if you call many hours late at night fun.

Take care -

Laura Braga said...

Hi Jesse!!
wow, I really love this your illustration!
Great composition and really amazing colors, how did you color this illustration?
My best compliments as always, Jesse! ;)

jesse winchester s. said...

Hey thanks!

Laura- I did a ton of really quick, small colour thumbnails until I found my pallet. Then I painted everything on one layer, trying to think like traditional paint(Other then the reflection, which was a second, flipped,layer).