Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Out with the old...

This is the post where I apologize for disappearing from blogger. Wooops, sorry!

Lots of change in my life. I quit my cushy studio job (the production completed anyways) after a three and a half year run with them...mid recession with a wife and a mortgage. Ineligible for employment insurance.... Crazy? Maybe. Determined to find greater artistic development and make this work? Abso-freeeeekin-lutely!

 On to the artwork!

"The Midnighters" has made it to the short list for publication in Expose 10. Fingers crossed but either way I am totally honored and motivated by this accomplishment.

I have been painting with watercolor more and more frequently. I had a liberating moment when I realized my sketchbook held the medium rather well. Now I sketch with it everyday, rather then reserving it for formal illustrations...and whala! quicker improvement!

"The Eccentric One"
watercolour on 140lb hot press cotton paper

"Valley of Saints" film poster
Official Selection Sundance Film Festival 2012
Best Feature Ashland Independent Film Festival

My first watercolor illustration gig!
What an honor to contribute to an incredible project. Go see it! I was directed by Musa Syeed and shot in Kashmir, India. Powerful stuff!

And now I animate in watercolor too! Recently I applied to a film grant from the Canadian Arts council to create a short animated film based on a poem by Ian Keteku, the 2010 World Poetry Slam Champion.

I included this animation test with the application. I think I hear in July if I got it or not.

Check out Keteku's amazing poetry here:

And we have more info on the project here:

In conclusion, its a hell of a ride and I feel so grateful for all of my challenges and opportunities.



Vince Vassallo said...

Beautiful work Jesse! Your water colour skills are inspiring! Looking forward to seeing more of your work! Cheers:)

Scaloso said...

like allways i really like your stuff, and mostly the watercolour animation look really fluid and precise! bravissimo

wren said...

Glad to see you're back and going for it. The burst of creativity is so awesome.