Friday, June 22, 2012

"Pug Monster" Digital Illustration

I think it's a great idea for production artists to have an area of study that they focus on. For the last few years no matter what my paid artwork was, I have been making time to study how light and shadow work. I am shifting my focus back to anatomy now and I have been doing daily studies. The goal now is to gain a deeper more dynamic understanding of anatomy and how it functions in mobility.

This is the first extensive piece since I have started digging into anatomy again. I spent the majority of my time working in grey-scale, before moving into colour. Its so easy to lose the larger volumes when rendering the details of musculature. Each time I spent rendering a particular area of muscle I found I would have to zoom back out and work to integrate that detail into the broader volumes of mass....

Maybe Ill post some progress shots of this...


Anonymous said...

This is really awesome! Amazing work really! ^^
You're lucky, I'm still on the light and shadow understanding stage and I really have trouble with it.. It's so complex (but terribly interesting)! If you have any tips about that, they're welcome! ;)

Jesse Winchester said...

Thanks so much for your kind words.
I did find some very effective ways to study lighting.
1>Paint from life. It is very important to paint still lifes and plein air. Nothing else teaches you how light and shadow work.
2>Copy master paintings. Sargent, Rembrandt, Bouguereau, etc... Be analytical and try and understand their process.

Hope that helps.

wren said...

I find myself getting into how seriously you are taking the anatomy portion of it- and I am blown away by how you make the muscle so fluid with the female form and so solid with the dude, but then that pug in the background sends me off on a Alice in Wonderland sort of trip - Classic Jesse.

Jesse Winchester said...

awesome! Glad Im trippin you out Wren!

Everyone check out Wrens watercolour comic project on his blog!