Thursday, January 31, 2013

Schoolism Live Vancouver featuring Pixar Story Artist Louie Gonzales

Aside from being a full time artist, I have the incredible honor of coordinating Schoolism Vancouver. This past Saturday and Sunday we featured Pixar story artist Louie Gonzales, who provided an incredible life drawing workshop.

We had a great drawing model, Vanessa Loubert, on stage while Louie guided us through an intensive curriculum aimed at strengthening our ability to communicate story through our character poses. He went over line of action, shape, silhouette, space, exaggeration, extrapolation, and story. We all drew the model after each lesson, and used our smart phones to email Louie our work which he drew over on the projector...sooo insightful! By the end of it we were all very charged up and more clear as to how Pixar remains one of the best storytelling studios on the planet.

Throughout the workshop Louie emphasized the importance of two questions to ask ourselves when drawing:
1) What is the main idea of the pose?
2) How can I best represent that idea?

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