Friday, November 23, 2007

a reapers muse

Theres two possibilities here.
A grim reaper has conditioned a young female into his perfect apprentice. A sexy puppet of death, she lures in unsuspecting men to certain fatality.
A cunning young woman has used her smarts and sex appeal to move up in the ranks of the underworld, eventually earning the affection of a reaper. Death thinks he has the upper hand, when really he is being manipulated.
What do you think?


Dave said...

I like A!

Nice painting here, Jesse. Great lighting and mood!

Francis Vallejo said...

nice work! thanks for the comments on cgsociety. that ali is nice, have you heard his rites of passage tape?

Andrew Ross said...

nice, great colours!

Kali said...

It's B. Clearly B!