Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First Autumn plein air painting of the season

Spent some much needed time in the mountains this weekend with my lovely wife and hilarious Shi-Tzu. I found time between excessive eating and wine drinking to paint these. I like the top one, certainly more then the mutant horses. haha. good fun.


Bobby Chiu said...

right on Jesse! these are getting better and better!!

jesse winchester said...

Hey thanks Bob. :)

Milio said...

What a wondeful drawings!And the place where you live is so beautiful!I´m talking like a jealous guy,ha,ha...well...cheers Jesse!

Dave said...

These are great, Jesse! Top's my fav too but they are all looking really good.

jesse winchester said...

Thanks a ton buddy. I would love to see Argentina one day. It is on my must visit list.

Glad you like bud. Thanks for the visit.