Monday, October 5, 2009

Graceful Peril-Watercolour

10x14 inches Fabriano Cotton Watercolour Paper


Milio said...

Excellent Jesse! It´s wonderful how you found the perfect colors and technique for the draw.Congratulations! Best regards

Johnny Castuciano said...

Jesse man, you're whoopin' ass with the water color technique!! awesome man.....i gotta try it some time!

jesse winchester said...

Thanks bud. Im so glad you like the color pallet I chose, although I do feel pretty girly.

Johnny. Thanks man. Yeah dude, giver they are sooo much fun.

7414Stars said...

Wow, your watercolor paintings are just awesome! Nice sketches and drawings too that you have here on your blog.
I really like the color on this painting--very graceful ;)