Tuesday, July 20, 2010

people sketching

Holy crapola last week was insane. I did 45 hours of design at Nitrogen Studios, and 40 hours of storyboarding on Voltron for Eh Ok studios, as well as 8 hours of commuting and a wedding! I am destroyed. BUT I got it all done!

Heres some sketches I did a few weeks back on my lunch hour with my good buddy Kevin Phibbs. These were drawn with marker at the Commercial Skytrain station.....



Lubomir said...

Hey Jesse thanks a lot for the video, I greatly appreciate it! I found it quite interesting and in support of various claims that 2010 will be/is a tumultuous year full of change. There definitely have been serious Earth changes...what I look forward to and am working at is the lifting of the veil from this illusory reality and beaming a light onto it's masters, those who stand in the way of ultimate human potential.

These sketches look great, and I really like the water on your previous illustration...I'm slowly getting back into traditional media. It's frustrating but extremely rewarding!


Milio said...

Marvelous my friend! It looks very funny and shows that you´ve got the control over what you create on your mind.A pleasure! Cheers!

Dave said...

These are some great sketches, man!

Yuriy Sivers said...

Nice new updates! Great art!

Linton Joseph said...

Yo J working hard keep it movin thank 4 the kind word stay fresh!!!

jesse winchester said...

Lubo- We certainly live in exciting times! Yeah, I love working traditionally after a long day at work on the Cintiq.

Milio- Thanks a ton buddy.

Dave - Thanks dude. Im lovin the art friends blog.

Yuriy- Thanks!

Linton, or Perry - Yeah man. Without work ethic aspirations turn to pipe dreams, right? Lovin your work these days. The robot stuff is really cool and original.