Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back from Ucluelet - Watercolour plein air

How lucky am I to have just spent 6 days in Ucluelet with my lovely wife and hilarious dog. The west coast of Vancouver Island is nothing short of magical. The forest is weathered and wise, the sea is healthy and alive. Walking in the forest, surfing the waves, eating the fish quickly led to a euphoric state of being.  To sit on the coast under an umbrella and siphon my experience of being there through a paint brush was profound.

Here is the resulting painting of that expereince, a photo of my setup on the Pacific Trail, and a sign I found in the aquarium that so eloquently articulated my feelings of being there.


Milio said...

Beautiful landscpe! It´s so great how you use the watercolour to transmit the atmosphere and depth of the plane.And yes "all things are one" Cheers my friend!

Laura Braga said...

Hi Jesse! :)
Your watercolors are always fantastic, have great sensitivity in color!...I think it's one of your best work! I added your blog to my links! ;)
See U and gooD work my friend!

wren said...

Now you've done it, I am totally inspired to go out and do some "plein air" myself. BTW - the watercolor figure work you did from your earlier posts also inspired me to do some watercolor work at a local figure drawing session - not as crisp as yours -
Amazing work - I'm struggling to keep up with you.


jesse winchester said...

Milio- Thanks man. I wish you could teleport up and I could give you a tour, and then we could go see Argentina! Wouldnt that be nice?!

Laura- Ah shucks! Thanks! I really love your new blog banner!

Wren- Sweet potatoes! I just checked out your "struggling to keep up" work, and your blowin me out of the water! Your figurative watercolours are soooo expressive! I am excited to try some more soon!

Boris Andreev said...

This one is very cool, Jesse!
Hope you're doing well

Cheers :)

Juan Carlos Partidas said...

Hi Jesse

This is such a beautiful watercolour. Definitively it captures the weather and landscapes of BC. I love watercolour paintings like this, where light layers of color are used, one after the other, and let us enjoy, in some way, the process of creation of the piece.

I found your blog when I read a comment of you in Milio´s blog, where you commented you are in Vancouver. I am also living here now, and I would like to invite you to visit my Spanish-English webcomic "El Rechiste." I hope you enjoy it. :)

luk said...

great piece !

ive been to that corner of the world a year ago and you really catched the mood and brought up the feel again.

cheers !